Protectall Plus spray


Powerful and effective disinfectant containing : 0.15% Glutaraldehyde & 0.098% Quaternary ammonium

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RTU Disinfection Spray


Powerful and effective disinfectant containing :

0.15% Glutaraldehyde

0.098% Quaternary ammonium

Registration no. NL: 15247 N



  • Concentrated disinfectant in a ready to use spray for disinfecting animal houses, tools, boots and transport vehicles for pigeons/birds or other animals.
  • The long acting Protectall Plus Spray is active against viruses,  bacteria, fungi and yeast.
  • This spray is perfect for disinfecting travel baskets, breeding lofts and cages for pigeons and other birds.


Instructions for use

  • Dosage: ready to use
  • Remove all animals from the room before starting with disinfection
  • All surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned before use
  • Spray under low pressure
  • Contact time:  > 5 minutes
  • No need to clean surfaces after use
  • Ventilate properly after disinfection, before putting back the animals



Avoid inhalation of vapour or mist and avoid contact with eyes and skin.



  • 1 litre spray bottle.


重さ 1.133 kg